Before your first trade, you need to prepare yourself for turbulent markets and even how to profit in them. Without training guarantees complete failure!


Start with a mentor, someone who has been there and back twice. When I first started trading I blew my account up twice, which spelled certain doom for me as a trader but I didn’t give up. I found a gracious mentor to teach me from start to finish and accelerate my growth. Now I’ve found consistent patterns and practices to find, trade and profit from the best stocks on the market.


Since the stock market crash in 2008, the typical investor is gone since the markets volatility is 10 fold. So how do you profit in a such a market? YOU GET IN AND GET OUT!  I don’t hold my positions for more than a day or occasionally 2-3 days. I’ve made 100-200% gains in as little as hours by just using predictable but effective patterns to learn from.


    • How To Trade Small Caps + Penny Stocks Under $10
    • Identify  Patterns. Where to Buy/Sell/Profit Targets, Stop Loss.
    • How To Manage And Diversify your Portfolio to Maximize Profits
    • Believe it or Not Trading Psychology is HUGE. Learn How to Think !
    • Hours of Real Trade Examples both Wins/loss Explained in Detail
    • Learn patterns that have made me quit my job in my 20’s



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4 thoughts on “

  1. Cool website senor! I appreciate your ambition to teach others how to recognize and distinguish the stock trends/patterns. Thank you for your hard work! I always look forward to your watchlist! I’m not the only one who appreciates it!Keep it up amigo! I’m new to the day trading business and your analysis is spot on! If you have any stock news or watchlist you send out to emails please do! I’m trying to get on your level! Slowly and surely.


  2. Hi, EatSleepProfit!

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    All the best!

    Rita Xu


  3. Good evening,

    I’ve watched all your YouTube videos and they have helped me a lot. I was wondering how you quickly set up your hard stop losses after you enter a long trade on thinkorswim? Especially because these $1-$10 low float (- 10 million) stocks can move up or down very quickly.

    Thank you,


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